The Peter Mulberry 'Mulfab' Sump Conversion

My first inquisitive look under our Brand New 2009 Centenary Roadster 100 brought out a cold 'sweat' on my brow when I realised how low the Angled Sump of the V6 engine is compared with the 4/4 where the Gearbox X Member is the lowest point..

Only 100mm Ground Clearance with 2 people on board.

The New Car's Sump

After 600 miles and a large hole punched in our sump by a 65mm Gate Stop surrounded by potholes, I decided to go with the Mulfab Conversion, rather than risk another collision and more cost

The Mulfab makes the conversion by milling off the 50% of the angled part and replaces it with a 3mm welded plate and they also move the Drain Plug upwards.

The reduction in angled depth does not effect the oil pick up area which is set into a mini sump inside. 

Use of the modification is becoming more common due to more groundings and holes made. However, the purists among you may be concerned about authenticity for Concours event. 

If that is the case a spare sump can always be purchased for retro fit replacement when showing or when selling. For myself, I would rather offer my Mulfab Sump as an improvement. 

In the photo you will see that I have had fitted a Sump Guard Deflector Plate, fitted by the SGT Engineer and fabricated from a Morgan Aero 8 Sump Guard Defector Plate..

The Mulfab Sump Conversion

The Milled Sump (Photo courtesy of Peter Mulberry).

The sump with Base Plate welded into position (Photo courtesy of Peter Mulberry)

The Sump re fitted to the Roadster

The New Ground Clearance is back to the Cross Member Height.

The Sump Guard Plate

Frank Lomax
The Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register