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CVH Ignition Module failure

The 1600 cc CVH engine has a 'Hall's Effect' pickup instead of contact breaker points. These signals then feed into the ignition module (as photo) that is attached to the top of the distributor with two screws. The output from the module then feeds the primary circuit of the ignition coil. Signs of failure include failure to run or idle when hot after a few hours then difficulty restarting, but typically not an intermittent missfire. As of year 2011 replacements are readily available online in the UK for around £15 GBP delivered. Buy a spare, check it works, put it in your incar spares box with your spare bulbs. Replacement takes 2 minutes. There will be a little bag of goo with the new module that helps maintain good contact between the module and the distributor to aid heat flow, use this goo sparingly. PJB
After fitting a new ignition amplifier module I have now sadly got the old symptons back of a dieing engine after an hour or two of fast running as one gets into slow traffic, put finger on the module (mounted on the dizzy) and it was very hot - not ideal for electronics. So trialled a remote mounting with a flying lead. After 30 minutes of 1st gear idle crawl I checked the temperature on top of the dizzy compared with the module itself. Could not hold ones finger on the top of the dizzy for more than 5 seconds without PAIN, but could grip the module for ever! So heat flow was from dizzy to module, not the best way to cool the electronics! So mod proven, have now done a better job as shown below.
I should also point out that as I have blocked the gap between the top of the rad and cowl as this does help get air through the rad but can reduce airflow into the engine bay. I fitted the diaphragm as shown below, partly to redirect the airflow through the rad, BUT also because the cowl was sagging in the middle by the hinge and starting to show crack initiation, the diaphragm stiffened the cowl nicely. So I might well have increased surface temps on the dizzy, that of course in the original fitment in the front drive Escort/Fiesta had lots of cooling air through the front grill etc