Morgan Maintenance, Modification, and Repair Manual

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Terms and Conditions of Use
The information presented in this wiki is provided without any warranty or guarantee of accuracy. The various operations documented herein are not intended to provide instruction on how to perform the operations - they may omit important information. We are not Morgan professionals, we have no association with the Morgan Motor Company or any of its affiliates, and this website does not have any official approval.  

Anyone using the information contained herein to work on either their own car or anyone else's does so entirely at their own risk. If you lack the equipment, competence and experience necessary to safely perform any of the tasks documented, then you should not undertake them. If you decide to try something that you have read on here, then you do so entirely at your own risk. Morganatica and its contributors cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused. By reading any page on this wiki you indicate that you acknowledge and agree to the entire contents of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, then read no further.
It is assumed that all appropriate safety equipment is available, and that all appropriate safety measures are followed at all times, even when these are not explicitly stated. If you are unsure of what the necessary equipment and measures are, then you should not attempt to perform the task. 

Morganatica content is subject to constant update, modification, and correction. Please feel free to link to Morganatica pages from your own sites if you wish, but do not copy content, as it will quickly become out of date.
A Morgan Motor Car contains no edible parts. Apart, that is, from that manky old bag of fluffy Werther's Originals that you found in the glovebox.