Campaign Events - 2008

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Here you can see the process and timeline of the Feed Us More Than Peanuts Campaign.  For information on what the campaign is, see the About the Campaign page. 

Phase 1 - Planning and Letter Signing


The Idea

by Richmond Wong
    I got the idea in May of 2008, after hearing about the drastic budget cuts that the state of California was going to take during the 2008 budget crisis.  Looking at the Rowland Unified School District's (RUSD) proposals to deal with the state budget cuts, I was suprised to see the academic competition budget was proposed to be cut by 50%.  I was on Rowland High School's successful team in the academic competition Destination Imagination.  I spoke at a special district meeting, emphasizing the need to fund extracurricular activities, especially academic competitions. 
    The idea of Feed Us More Than Peanuts began formulating during the May RUSD Board Meeting.  Board President Ms. Gloria Burt said something akin to "We are being punished for a problem we didn't create.  We have to try to do the best we can with what the state gives us."  I realized that the funding problems weren't from the district, but from the state of California. 
    I knew teachers in the unions, PTA, and other parent groups were sending letters and calling state officials.  However, I felt students should and must play a role too.  We are the ones directly affected, it is our education that is going to suffer from these budget cuts.  So from that, I began planning a student movement - to be called Feed Us More Than Peanuts. 


After creating the initial idea, some groundwork began to fall into place.  Emails were sent to several teachers, who helped to get the approval for the project.  Another key part was the letters, to be sent to Californian politicans.  First drafts of all the letters were written in mid-May.  Students began getting lined up to participate in the campaign, and to help spread the word.  The project took a one week hiatus while Richmond and the others in the campaign (Daniel, Esther, Tiffany, Kevin, Yongjin, Eric), represented Rowland High School and California in the Destination Imagination Competition. 


Letters were written, to be sent to local legislators. 

Phase 2 - Peanuts and Delivery

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