About us

Joseph "JoeMac" McGinley 
Husband, Father, Designer, Golfer, Photographer, Carpenter, Goof-ball

I have been a lighting designer since I was about 7 years old when I got a lite-brite for my birthday and I never looked back. I have almost 20 years of professional lighting design and production experience in a wide array of events including: theatre, dance, opera, theme parks, cruise ships, corporate events, trade shows, press events, television, and most recently film.
I started my career working in theatres all over Southern California including the Tony Award winning theatre company South Coast Repertory.  I received my degree in Technical Theatre & Design from Cal State Long Beach.  During college I worked at many theatres, theme parks and designed many fund raising events for Aids Project Los Angeles
After college I decided I needed to see the world, so I headed out on the high seas to work on cruise ships. I was a Lighting Director, Stage Manager, and Technical Director over a 6 year span aboard 25 of the most state-of-the-art floating theatres in the world.
The last two years of ship life took me into project management for Princess Cruise Lines. I was responsible for commissioning and installing the lighting, video, show control, and pyrotechnic systems throughout the new-build process. The new-builds production team lived in both Italy and France and we built 4 ships during that time. 
After traveling for 6 years to more than 50 countries it was time to settle down.  I met my beautiful wife Jocey while onboard the Star Princess (one of the ships we built) and after a couple of years of emails, phone calls and visits I moved to Portland, Oregon to be with her.  We currently live in a suburb of Portland, OR, with our son Jacob.
After moving up to Portland, I found The lighting company in town Hollywood Lighting Services, Inc. and a new chapter in my life began. I worked at Hollywood as a Lighting Designer, Account Executive, Programmer, Field Lead, and Automated Repair Technician for 6 years.
In 2008 I branched out as a freelancer with More Than Light, LLC to do shows outside of the Northwest.  I am primarily lighting corporate meetings, Press events for all the major Auto Shows, E3, Parties and much more.
In my free time I'm a goofy Dad that loves to play, and I am a huge college football fan - Boomer Sooner! I also enjoy golfing, photography and working on house projects. 
I thank for your interest in More Than Light, LLC.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact us!