Hillside Dog Listener


Hillside Dog Listener offers a unique service to dog owners in the North Yorkshire area of the UK.


Providing one-to-one home consultations with dog owners who have concerns about their pets’ behaviour, Georgina Bowe has built a strong local reputation for helping owners of dogs with problems - without the need for confrontation or physical force of any type.


Keen to gain wholly new business, Georgina approached More New Business to find anyone in a 35km area around her office browsing the net seeking information and help about the problem behaviour their dogs were exhibiting.


Georgina now benefits from an average of 50 new visits to her web site a week generating many new appointments as a direct result of the help of More New Business.  She can be sure that the traffic she gets via MoreNewBusiness is targeted as the prospects have come to her site as a direct result of advert text, not Google presenting what they can trawl from her website. 


From this success, Georgina has calculated a return on investment ratio of 420%. Compare that to any marketing campaign you have ever run and we are sure you will see the immediate benefit of fully managed web campaigns.


"More New Business has transformed my order book - previous local advertising was costly and difficult to establish success.  More New Business has delivered results far beyond my expectations.  If the level of success and customer service continues at such a low price point, I will recommend the service to every small business owner I can" Georgina Bowe - Owner Hillside Dog Listener


See Hillside Dog Listener web site here www.hillsidedoglistener.co.uk