google Apps for your domain and search engine results

as in whats that robots.txt file doing on my domain?  (only true for google apps pages)

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google Apps for your domain and search engine results

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Problem definately resolved / using google apps on a few domains for different purposes - one to host a site, for another domain primary use has been the gmail implementation - nice filtering and pop3 (access it via outlook, or whatever email application you prefer) check it out youself.

Revision - this problem may be resolved :)  as of 12/20? according to a blog post I found / and on domains I'm expirmenting with also I've seen improvement.


here is what I knew before:

I put  together these few links

essentially if you have a site on google apps and have pages that link to it with its domain name alone ... a search engine following that will run into a robots.txt file that restricts everything. 

Problem with google hosting for your domain and robots.txt

robots.txt on google apps for your domain will be set to exclude all - on the domain only way around is to use plus everythign that links in seems to require that too
more info on the google hosting robots.txt exclusion issue

same robots.txt problem no search spiders allowed under your domain so what is the point of doing this with google?
which is totally NOT what it says here

is it going to work?  I'd love to see google apps hosting work.