Firefox 2 Vs. Internet Explorer 7




After months of eager anticipation and closely scrutinised beta versions, Microsoft and Mozilla have finally launched their new browsers IE7 and Firefox2 respectively. IE7 will remain the most widely used, but does it deserve to be?

Read on for our comparison of the browsers across a range of key categories.

Result: A draw
Both sets of tabs operate in a virtually identical manner although the browsers have individual features we like. Firefox greys out all the tabs except the one for the page you're currently viewing (making identifying it much easier). It also restores tabs after a crash (early versions of IE7 had this feature but it was later removed). IE7 on the other hand has the neat Tab List and Quick Tabs options.

Result: IE7 wins
Mozilla planned a combined bookmarks and history feature called Places for Firefox 2.0, but this should now appear on its third version. So, with its nicely redesigned Favorites Center, IE7 easily nudges its way ahead of Firefox's standard Bookmarks Manager.

Phishing Protection
Result: A draw
Phishing Protection
Result: A draw
IE7 compares addresses of any sites you visit with legitimate addresses held by Microsoft and looks for phishing characteristics. Firefox also uses a list and gives you the opportunity to check pages with Google. Both make it abundantly clear when you're about to access a fraudulent site and both caught all of the fake sites we tried them with.

Result: Firefox wins
Like IE7, Firefox's Search system can discover new search engines, and adding them is just as easy. However, Firefox has Google as its default (with other engines such as Yahoo! pre-installed) and the search box brings up suggested search topics as you type. A clear winner.

RSS Feeds
Result: A draw
This one comes down to personal preference. While IE7 handles feeds superbly, Firefox's Live Bookmarks approach isn't as neat (although it's been improved in the new version). However, Firefox additionally allows you to subscribe to feeds using any third party reader.

Result: Firefox wins
Firefox fans won't be surprised at this verdict, but the truth is – on paper at least – the result is closer to a draw. IE7 is a massive improvement over the leaky boat that was IE6. The new security features added by Microsoft make it far safer, and level the playing field. However, it's too early to pronounce IE7 secure and its high-profile nature means it will remain a target for hackers and malware writers keen to find (and exploit) any lurking vulnerabilities.

So despite the fanfare for the release of IE7, we still think Firefox is the better of the two browsers in key categories like security and searching. However, in three of the six categories the browsers are so closely matched that we couldn't decide on a winner. The key is to give them both a go, and not simply choose IE7 because it's the better known.

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