Everyone, please take a minute to look at this schedule.  If you notice any errors such as if you’re scheduled for shifts and you have bought out or if you think you are scheduled for too many shifts or any other errors please let me know.


With the volume of shifts I am dealing with, I am sure that there are some errors and they can be fixed, but only if I know about it.  So, if you have any comments/concerns/questions about this schedule please email me at


final schedule is posted in the canteen and on the website under concession schedule TAB


 Again, here is a list of reminders:


  • If you are running late, it is your responsibility to call the concession, 822-1595 and let them know.  If they have already called someone to cover the shift, it would be your responsibility to pay that person for coming out.


  • You are welcome to trade your shift with another parent.  That shift is your responsibility however, if the person you traded with does not show up then you will be charged.  There is no need to call the concession and let them know about any trades.  The schedules will be posted in the concession if you need to look for others to trade with.


  • In the concession, a list of people willing to work for pay will be posted.  If you did not buy out prior to September 2014 then we will not be filling buy-outs for you.  What you can do is call people from this list and pay them to work this shift for you.  You are still responsible for this shift, so if no one shows up to work then you will be charged accordingly.


  • If you want someone not from the approved list to work a shift for you, then you must gain approval from one of the concession managers before this person can work.  All workers must be 16+ years of age.


  • If you or someone you have hired to work for you does not show for a shift, you will be sent an invoice for $100.00.  IF there is a second no-show, then you will be crossed off the concession schedule for the rest of the year and will be billed $300.00.  This will happen regardless of how many shifts you have worked already and regardless of how many shifts you have left scheduled.


  • If you are billed for a missed shift, please pay promptly as MMH has to pay the person who covered your shift.  Many people found it convenient to pay at the concession.  You are welcome to do that,  or you can wait for an invoice.


  • No eating is allowed in the concession.  You are allowed to have a beverage, BUT you must pay for it.


  • 99% of families have been scheduled for 7 shifts this year.  Next year we will be starting at the top of the list, last names starting with A’s.




2014/2015 Year Raffle Results





Adam Derksen ( trip )


Harry Hildebrand ( jets tickets )


Crystal Hildebrand ( registration for next year )


Maureen Dias ( I Pad )


Lisa Gillis ( TV )


Danika Thiessen ( Canteen Buyout )


Colleen Enns ( bike )



No cameras are allowed in the dressing rooms as per HM handbook Page 160.  In cases where a camera, camera phone or video camera/phone are used in the dressing room setting, sanctions and/or fines and/or suspensions will be levied against the Head Coach and the association will be fined.  We must take seriously the responsibility we have to keep our children safe.




Breakfast club is gearing up again this year.  This is a free program to all those between the ages of 5-15 interested in hockey skills development.  Program includes 1 hour of free ice and free breakfast for all participants.  Times are 7am – 8am every Wednesday November through February at the Access Event Centre.  Skates, helmet, gloves and stick are required and full equipment is recommended for the younger kids.  Sessions will be focused on skating, puck control, shooting and small area games. This is a great opportunity for kids of all abilities and ages to participate, have fun and enjoy a great breakfast. 

This program is organized and operated by volunteers, if you wish to help in the kitchen throughout the year please report to the Canteen in the morning.