Mordecai is a mover and a shaker.  He learned to crawl at five and a half months and stand at six months.  He is now trying to use his arms to climb!  His confidence often exceeds his capabilities and he has already fallen off the bed, tipped over and bumped his head and crawled his face into the dirt.  Guess he is officially a kid!







One day when Mordecai was fussy I started rolling him over on the bed.  I was frusterated but he thought it was funny.  We've been playing "roll over, come back" ever since.









Mordecai and Sage were sharing time practicing their vowels just after a nice relaxing bath. When I walked in Mordecai was talking more than Sage.  Of course when I got the camera it was the other way around. But then suddenly Mordecai pooped in his towel. Good thing he was nice an clean!






This is my favorite game to play with Mordecai. I tell him all the places I love him and then tell him I love him "everywhere" He usually tries to grab my hair, and use it as a handle to pull me down and bite my nose.








Mordecai trains for surfing.  I've been trying to get Sage to teach me to surf forever but no luck... Mordecai on the other hand??? balance lessons 101!  Wish Sage could lift me up with one hand!









Everyone warned me he would spit most of it out the first time.  But not this guy!  Boy, was he ready to eat.  I kept having to mix the rice cereal thicker and thicker and he just swallowed it down.  Yep, this family makes good eaters!







Even old humbug has to get in on the Moredecai action.  But really folks, at least he has a great voice!

Mordecai Standing up

"Roll over game"

Moredecai gets Pappa

"I love you" game

Hand balancing

First food!

Nili's Old McDonald

Pasta with Weet (We had a problem with the conversion from cell phone video so it isn't playing here but you can view whole thing is at this link)