Mordecai Oblio Goodvibe Coleman 

The Newest Coleman

Born Sunday, November 26th 2006 

Mordecai was born at 2:05 AM Sunday, November 26th 2006

Vital Stats:

  • Weight: 8 lb
  • Length: 21.5 in
  • Width: 4 in
  • Thickness: 3.5 in 

Here are some firsts dates!

  • January 13th: first real tear
  • January 16th: smiled as self in mirror
  • February 7th and 8th: slept through the night. Unfortunately, two times does not make a pattern ;o(
  • February 11th: first giggle (while playing peek-a-boo with Sage
  • February 21st reached for a toy, held it and put it in his mouth
  • March 4th: first real laugh
  • March 23rd: grabbed foot
  • March 3oth: first pee in the potty! 
  • April 6th: first concert (steel guitar at the Kumbwa)
  • April 14th: first consonant 'b'
  • April 30th first airplane ride

More updates will be posted here when they become available 



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Names he goes by:

Mordecai, Mordimus, Mortise, Mortise Face, Mr. Fussy Pants, Morty, Cai, Little Man, Mr. Wigglebee, Mordamer, Mr. Man, Chachi

He loves:

Standing up! Songs with hand motions, wrestling with his papa, getting kisses, gumming cucumbers, carrots, celery and asparagus, being naked, taking baths with his mama, exploring nature with Saba Gus, rocking in the rocker with Savta Wilma, Posing for pictures with Grandma Susan,  Jumping up and down with Favorite Aunti Sesha, visiting the other babies at work and mom's group, going to mothersong sing along for babies and the baby reading hour at the library, and getting spoiled with love by all his friends and family.

He hates:

Getting dressed, being alone, and evenings.