Moran college Library was started along with the establishment of the  Moran College in 1964 in order to cater the academic and research needs of the faculty, research scholars(D.U), students, officers and non-teaching staff and local people. The library is the heart of the college. 

            Moran college Library is one of the best college libraries in Upper Assam in providing efficient service to the readers. It is a place of attraction for the students. The library has been aiming to supplement the knowledge of the students, which they acquire from their teachers. Presently the library is under the control of full-fledged library staff. The Moran College Library is housed in a three-storied building on the campus.




1. General:

                Name of the Library                       :   Moran college Library

                System of the Library                     : Open Access System

                Working Days                                 : 6 days a week but trying to remain library

               Working Hours of the Library         : 09.30 a.m. to 04.30 p.m.