paintings by Morag Sangster M.A.

I live and work in Edinburgh. I enjoy oil paint and water colours, and drawing is an all time favourite
I use this site to upload recent work, stop by every now and then to see what I've been up to, (you can click on any image to bring up a larger size)

I'm interested in old fashioned skill based techniques and  careful observation from life. Most of my painting is in oil and alla prima, although that might change as my journey continues!
I use painting as a counterpart to my work as a tattooist, as a way of being artistic in a more light-hearted and disposeable way. Painting lets me be silly and subtle in a way that tattooing doesn't, as my paintings aren't a commercial venture, just for pleasure.
I have a particular interest in portraiture, i hope to explore it more and immerse myself in the different ways of portraying an individual that speaks of the person. This may well take me into more abstract art forms, but for now I'm happy to do oil sketches.
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