Project Overview

Missouri Post-Secondary Success is a multi-year college and career competency (CCC) improvement initiative that provides face-to-face professional development and online support to interdisciplinary high school and middle school teams. Missouri Post-Secondary Success empowers teams to effectively facilitate students’ cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal competency development through multi-tiered instruction and interventions, allowing each individual student to receive the support he or she needs. Teams learn to provide ongoing, individualized supports to students through analyzing data, choosing evidenced-based instruction and interventions, and collaborating with other stakeholders. Through funding from the DESE, all professional development is provided free of charge to Missouri schools. School teams participate as cohorts in two years of face-to-face trainings and implementation. DESE offsets the costs (e.g., substitutes and travel expenses) for teams to attend. At the Year 1 trainings, teams create instructional plans that incorporate the framework’s implementation elements and student competencies. The instructional plans are then implemented at their schools between each training, and teams report back on progress at subsequent trainings. During Year 2, teams focus on initial implementation goals and track progress on goal-specific activities. The overall purpose of the work is for high school and middle school professionals to expand/improve career and college competencies (CCC) for all students through data-based decision making, multi-tiered instruction and interventions, and collaboration. The professional development framework is a school-wide approach to ensure optimal effectiveness and sustainability. Targeted outcomes in years three to five include improved graduation rate and improved academic achievement.

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