The Beginning of mootPointHero development

This website will document my Android Applications and beg for feedback.  Additionally, I'll probably use it to manage my lessons learned while programming.

Currently developing a new app that gives you feedback on your sins.  First time i've implemented a SQLiteDatabase, so it's rather exciting... version one should be out within the week

---------------------Older Stuff----------------------------------
Version 1.1 of BACula is now available in the Android Market!  
New Features:
  • BACula for Android now works with ALL versions of Android (from Cupcake onward)
  • Enhanced About dialog that better explains how BACula works and the dialog is triggered the first time you add a drink (to remind you to set your weight and gender)
  • BACula automatically resets your drinking start time once you get back to a BAC of 0 (fixes old issue with the accuracy of calculations if you take a break in the middle of the evening (or morning))
  • BACula can now be installed to your SD Card!  

Hammock Tools version 1.1 is now available in the Android Market (version 1.1 fixes a grammatical error in version 1)
Hammock Tools is a calculator that will tell you how high you need to hang your hammock given the distance between two trees, the angle of your suspension and how high you want to be off the ground.  Don't worry too much about the permissions for Internet Access... this is only to serve ads and is not necessary for the functionality of the application.  I'm really looking for more features to put into this app (so the pluralization of "tool" in the title isn't a misnomer, so please let me know if you have any ideas.