Research date - summer 2008


I have started this page in juli 08 because there is no support in Linux 2.6.25 (linuxtv.org) for the DVB-T USB dongle.
See the linuxtv.org mailing list april2008

NOTE: I sold this device and got myself a Pinnacle that works out of the box.

About the device

Vendor: Shenzhen Forward Video Co., Ltd.
Chipset: Intel CE6230
Tuner:   Maxlinear MXL5003S














Also known as the DUTV005 USB 2 DVB-T Stick or DUTV005 v1.0A DVB-T USB Dongle, Dutv005 Terrestrial Tv Receiver


Jan Grmela pointed me to this article (Czech ) - it's the same device in a different case.

dmesg output

usb 2-4: New USB device found, idVendor=8086, idProduct=9500
usb 2-4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 2-4: Product: CE9500B1
usb 2-4: Manufacturer: Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd



Intel CE6230 Chipset

Intel Corporation has acquired the UK-based, Radio Frequency (RF) front-end consumer business of Zarlink Semiconductor Limited.
Intel published a cross reference guide for the Zarlink partnumbers to the Intel partnumber. The CE6230 is not in the table. (Intel WJCE6230 or Intel WJCE 6230)


Intel® CE 6230 Terrestrial demodulators Datasheet  
Intel® CE 6230 Terrestrial demodulators
Intel® CE 6230 USB 2.0 COFDM Demodulator

The Intel® CE 6230 USB 2.0 COFDM demodulator combines DVB-T demodulation with a USB 2.0 slave interface. This highly integrated solution is designed for USB PC-TV modules for desktop and notebook PCs, DVB-T add-on modules for TVs and monitors, hand-held TV display modules, set top boxes, integrated digital TVs and personal video recorders.

Product brief  
Intel® CE 6230 Terrestrial demodulators
Intel® CE 9500 DVB-T TV Receiver "Stick" Reference Design for PCs

The Intel® CE 9500 PC-TV USB "stick" reference design is a complete DVB-T digital terrestrial TV receiver solution for the PC. The two-chip solution is based on the Intel® CE 6230 DVB-T demodulator with USB 2.0 interface and the MaxLinear MxL500x terrestrial tuner*. It is specifically designed to address the needs of USB-based DVB-T PC-TV receivers.

Product brief  
Zarlink* to Intel part number cross reference guide

Intel Corporation has acquired the UK-based, Radio Frequency (RF) front-end consumer business of Zarlink Semiconductor Limited, a leading provider of demodulation and tuner technologies to the satellite, terrestrial and cable television market segments. Going forward this business will be conducted by Intel's Demodulator and Tuner Division (DTD).

Reference guide  

 "The Intel® CE 9527 software development platform (SDP) is designed to facilitate development and evaluation of software and fi rmware for USB PC Digital TV receiver designs based on the Intel® CE 6230 and Intel® 6231 USB 2.0 COFDM terrestrial demodulators." - source




Maxlinear MXL5003S Tuner


MxL 5003S Product Brief



Windows driver

The Windows driver is developed by LN Systems UK ltd.  This information can be found in the CE6230BDA.sys file and is published on the Intel website:

Intel: "Source-code driver software including BDA MCE binary drivers (provided under license by LN Systems UK Ltd.*)"

Intel licensed the BDA framework from LN Systems, but the main code that drives the intel specific IC was supplied by Intel and ported to the LN Systems framework. LN Systems licensed the whole package back to Intel so LN Systems does not have the distribution rights to the Intel specific parts of the code.


Reverse engineering

We started the process of reverse engineering the USB device drivers by capturing the USB data from a Windows machine using Snoopypro and created logfiles.

dutv005.usblog - Snoopypro logfile

dutv005 .txt - converted to text



Linux driver

march 2009

Jan Grmela  reports:

things have been moving since you sold the device. See Linux driver
project mailinglist at

Could you please update your site to reflect this new information?
I've tested the device using the new driver and everything except the
dvbscan seems to work great. Even blind scanning in Kaffeine!


Based on the information collected by Snoopypro, one could write a linux driver.

There is nobody working on this. Paolo is interested in writing a driver.


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