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This page tells you where and how to download V10 of MOOS. Below two methods of fetching the MOOS V10 projects are described. One of them, we hope, will be what you are looking for.

Method 1 by visiting the github site

Method 2 via the command line using git


The MOOS "endeavour" has several components to it (see the table at the bottom of this page). At the very minimum you will need core-moos. Everything else is an add-on to this project. If you want lightweight interprocess communications core-moos is for you. Start with that.  

Via Github Webpages

Getting (e.g core-moos) The Quick Way

  • go to the release page of core-moos 
  • here you can download releases as zipped or gzipped bundles. 
  • the same method will work for the other moos projects like ii-moos (only you need to navigate to themoos then ui-moos by clicking on the text in the top left corner)

The Git Clone Way

  • You can browse the MOOS project page hosted on Github here
  • There navigate to the project you are interested in (for example core-moos)
  • from here you can clone, download / checkout specific branches /tags or of course go straight to the releases page (as described above)

On this page there are instructions on how to clone the git repository if you are a seasoned "git" user.  You will then be able to move between releases and branches for each project

Using Git and the Command Line

MOOS V10 is packaged in little packages. At the very least you will want core-moos which provides the MOOS communications library.

The easiest way to get the code is directly from github. If you are a command line user then the spell you want is

git clone  https://github.com/themoos/core-moos.git core-moos

Then move into the director core-moos and switch to the current tagged release

git checkout tags/10.0.1-release 

This last step is somewhat belt and braces because the "clone" step you did has checked out the "master" branch by default and master will always point to the most recent release. Still it is possible that there will come a time when release Y is out and you want to work with release Q - so knowing how to do this is helpful.

There are several other packages which are likely to be of interest and are listed in the table below. Possibly they will live in dedicated branches. They can all be accessed via typing commands of the form

git clone -b BRANCH https://github.com/themoos/REPO_NAME.git LOCAL_CHECKOUT_NAME

where BRANCH and REPOS_NAME are selected from the branch and name columns in the table below. 

Available Projects / Components

Name Description Branch  Current release tag
core-moos Core MOOS libraries and the MOOSDB master  10.0.1-release get me that
essential-moos A set of useful applications which leverage the core-moos master  10.0.1-release get me that
ui-moos A set  user interface and graphical tools
master  10.0.0
matlab-moos A matlab interface to MOOS master  10.0.0
geodesy-moos A geodesy library master  10.0.0
 examples-docs-moos     examples and documention                     master  10.0.0