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Below you can download documentation about MOOS. You should definitely look at the MOOS V10 Tutorial - it is has a real focus on the communications API. 

This site is about V10 of MOOS in particular the software which handles interprocess communications. 95 % of the changes between V10 and the previous versions are to do with its core functionality - in particular the communications facilities and the classes it provides which make writing communicating applications simple, lightweight and fast.So if you are already a MOOS user, we suggest you download the Using MOOSV10 document in the table below. 

 Document / use  Download  Date Changed
 Using MOOS V10 - what is new?UsingV10.pdf 21 July 2013
 A MOOS Tutorial
21 July 2013
 Sharing Data with pShare pShare.pdfDownload  21 July 2013

What is new in V10?

You can read about that on this page