Boat Launch Update

May 16, 2005
Several members of the board met with the DNR on Tuesday May 10, 2005 to review the final draft plans for the boat launch. The DNR is using most of the input from the board for the design. The board is hopeful they will be able to present the final launch plans at the spring membership meeting.

April 5, 2005
The DNR will start design plans in April. A solid wood fence will be used on both sides of the property to provide privacy for the neighbors. The project is still on track to begin in fall 2005.

January 2005
Members of the MLAA board met with the DNR in mid December to review the boat launch plans. The board has asked for a few modifications that are penciled in on the plan. They include the agreement for police parking, but set off from the other parking spots so that people will be less likely to use that spot when empty. The board also asked that the pull out area by the launch and handicap access be narrowed to a more reasonable width to reduce any potential run off or extra parking.

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