moose-cense: you can't get this shit just anywhere 

Pure, unadulterated, sun-dried Montana moose poop. Burns like incense, smells like willow. No kidding. 

Get yours, get it here. 


The New Website is Finally Live, thanks to our amazing webmaster.

Check it out. 



T-shirts, caps, mugs and bags are coming soon! They will have Linny's moose, and our slogan on them.


It is never too late to grace the homes of your friends and family with the aroma of Moosecense. It really does smell good. 

On that note: folks have been asking how come moose poop doesn't smell like crap, and all we can say is, it really doesn't look like crap either. If you crush up a piece of dried moose poop, what you are left with looks remarkably like sawdust. We don't know what they do with the stinky stuff. Just another moose mystery. Smelling is believing.


Also, check out our new "about us" page. We think it's downright adorable.