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by Roy E. Hoffman


Software available free for non-commercial use

Now bilingual English/Hebrew

***  LunaCal 4.0 release version ***

If you have Windows XP, you need to have Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed. To install these, go to Windows Update and carry out a custom installation.
You need Adobe Reader in order to run this software. If you do not have it, please download it from If your copy of Adobe Reader is corrupt then you must uninstall it and reinstall it.
Download and install this first if you do not have Visual Basic 2010
LunaCal was written to predict the visibility of the Moon as a tool for observational lunar calendars. The main purpose of the software is to aid in the observation of the crescent Moon but is equally applicable to the limits of observation of other bright heavenly bodies. In addition it provides information about the location phase and magnitude also regarding the Sun, planets and bright stars. There is also a function for converting between calendars and time systems.

Source code also available

Lunacal 4.0 is compatible with Windows XP SP2 and higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

(replaces LunaCal 3.1 and previous versions)

Last updated December 14th 2011


Click here to download and install the program.

Click here to download the source code. Decompress (extract) the file. The source code can be read as text. However, to compile and run it you will need Visual Basic 2008 or later which can be bought from Microsoft.

(If you wish to uninstall, use your software manager in the control panel.)

To download previous versions of the program (compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4-SP3 or higher, 2000 and XP):

    1)      Ensure that you have decompression (unzip) software (usually included in Windows XP).

    2)      Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, download

    3)    If you previously installed a previous version then uninstall the old version (Control panel -> Add/Remove programs).

    4)    Open the file and open the Setup.exe program to install LunaCal 3.1 or earlier.

    5)    Follow the instructions for use by clicking Help when LunaCal is running.


The source code for LunaCal 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1 is not available but is available for LunaCal 2.0 and earlier:

1)      Download the file

2)      Decompress (extract) the file into the same directory as the program.

The source code can be read as text. However, to compile and run it you will need Visual Basic 6.0 which can be bought from Microsoft.


Previous versions of LunaCal are still available:

      LunaCal3.1 full version:

      LunaCal3.0 full version:

      LunaCal2.1 full version:

      LunaCal2.1 reduced size for those with Visual Basic 6 installed:

      LunaCal2.0 full version:

      LunaCal2.0 reduced size:

      LunaCal2.0 source code:

      LunaCal1.1 full version:

      LunaCal1.1 reduced size:

      LunaCal1.1 source code:

      LunaCal1.0 full version:

      LunaCal1.0 reduced size:

      LunaCal1.0 source code


If you would like to try different software, Hazon Shamayim (in Hebrew and English) is available from Rabbi Tskuni +(972) 8-9945621, MoonCalc is available here, Skyglobe is available from and Accurate Times is available from


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