You have been hired by a movie producer! The movie producer sent you the following letter:

 Dear Math Students

 I am producing a documentary about the behavior of the moon. I understand the aspects related to filming and obtaining good shots of the moon, but I need to better understand the mathematical aspects related to the behavior of the moon. The fraction of visible moon is considered periodic. I would like to better understand what “periodic” means. 

I would like you to prepare a presentation to share with my staff. Please include information about the phases of the moon in terms of words (full moon, new moon, etc.) and the quantitative description of the moon’s appearance (fraction of visible moon). I am interested in describing the percent of visible moon as a graphical representation as well.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to your presentation.


Holly Woodberg

I have created instructions to help you accomplish this task.
Please include the answers to the questions, graphs, charts,
or all other useful information on your final product/presentation.
Good luck!