Picasa Mate

A Library Manager for Picasa

A Utility/Application that will compliment the existing Picasa Setup and increase its potential to look favorable to Professional Photographers as they can have Multiple Libraries in Picasa without any manual hacking of the existing setup.

This utility is only available for Apple Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows XP.

We DO NOT touch your photos.

To download the utility CLICK HERE. Please use the software for your OS as using the one with different OS might cause unknown issues.

To view Tutorials for Picasa Mate CLICK HERE.

  • Picasa Mate does not touch your photos as Picasa so your photos are unharmed in case Picasa Mate crashes
  • You can have Multiple Libraries for Google's Picasa
  • You can easily Switch between Libraries
  • Different Users on the same machine can have different Multiple Libraries
  • Add any number of libraries to Picasa (No limits)
  • Allow user to select Picasa library from other users on the same computer

Feature Requested by users:
  • Picasa Mate for Windows Vista / Windows 7 (well if you select proper folder on start up of the software, you can still run it, but I want to eliminate this as well)
  • Check if Picasa is running and give an error that "Picasa is running" when user tries to ADD or SWAP Libraries and not allow Adding or Swapping
  • Picasa Mate for Linux