You've decided to breastfeed -- congratulations! 

I am not seeing private clients at this time.

Moonflower Lactation Consulting is a private practice of one -- Monique Jones, IBCLC, LLLL

The ideal time to begin preparing for breastfeeding is before your baby is born:

• Talk about the importance of mother’s milk for your baby’s future health and for your health
• Learn about supportive labor and birth practices that can help get feeding started well
• Find out skills and techniques to establish a good milk supply and avoid difficulties
• Expecting a baby who will need special neonatal care? Prepare during pregnancy
• Discuss breastfeeding and working or other separations
• Get information about continuing to feed an older baby
• Meet other new mothers to form a supportive network – starting during pregnancy

After your baby is born, an IBCLC can continue to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about feeding your baby:
• Learn a variety of positioning and latch techniques for comfortable nursing
• Find out how to build a good milk supply
• Discuss solutions if breastfeeding is not going well
• Get information on the importance and the skills of feeding a premature baby or a baby with special needs
• Prepare a plan to enable breastfeeding to continue when returning to work or school
• Talk about breastfeeding the older baby and introducing solid foods

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