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                                                                                        Joan Marie Galat 
Children's Library
St. Joseph Island
Kid's Comments
Thank-you for teaching us the five W’s—who, what, when, where, and why. I always wanted to visit the Dot to Dot author!
When you came to our school I learned how to really write a story and now I can do it at home like authors do. I had lots of fun. Keep writing!
You did an awesome job at our school. I learned about the old stories and a little bit about the Moon.
I thought your Dr. Bufflehead Explores Dirt was hilarious when they tried to fix the nest with sand. I really enjoyed it. I already knew some things about dirt but you taught me a lot more. I think Dr. Bufflehead Explores energy is stupendous!
Maybe I will be
an author when
I grow up.


The first comment is in response to a virtual visit for a school in Erie, Pennsylvania, using Skype.

The students loved have the opportunity to interact with you. Students were able to meet a real author and listen to you share the story that you wrote.

The students enjoyed being engaged in the dialogue with you!. It was just wonderful learning opportunity. Thanks for sharing your time.

Pam Swanson
Classroom Technology Integrator
Millcreek Township School District

Hilary Gehrlein
2nd Grade Classroom Teacher
Grandview Elementary

Joan Galat (Dot To Dot) was here yesterday for the Girl's Book Club. We had 35 kids and quite a few parents. The girls were fascinated with the stories.
                                                                    Kathleen Moore, Nepean Centrepointe Library

The grade 4/5 students from Manor Park School who attended Joan's presentation at St-Laurent really enjoyed it. The combination of factual information, storytelling, background on Joan's childhood, the writing process, and participatory activities was really effective. She had the young audience's full attention.
                                                                                        Megan Clare, St. Laurent Library

Joan Marie Galat captivated the students with her informative yet entertaining description of the stars and mythological stories.  She is a gifted presenter. 
                                                              Lori Fielding, Carp Branch, Ottawa Public Library

Joan is a great storyteller. She held all 75 kids attention as she told ancient tales of the stars and moon. She brought out the curiosity of the audience, as they asked thoughtful questions about her works. The teachers were thrilled that Joan's talk and her books were curriculum related for grades 4 and 5. I personally bought three of Joan's books and one teacher bought four titles. I would have Joan again. 
                                                                           Sandra Burke, Ruth E. Dickinson Library

Thank-you so much for the talk and workshop. Our patrons loved it and so did we! 
                                                                                                  St. Paul Municipal Library


Thank-you on behalf of the students, staff, and parents at Clara Tyner. It was an inspiring day for us all. It is a treat to meet an author and learn about what is involved in being published. 
                                                                                                            Clara Tyner School

I want to thank-you again for coming to our school and presenting to the students. They enjoyed the stories and myths you shared and were very interested in how you became a writer.
                                                                                                   Hugh Sutherland School

Joan Galat, author of Dot to Dot in the Sky gave an outstanding set of presentations to Ecole Meridian Heights School. This versatile author was able to connect with each of her four diverse audiences (K-9). As well as talking about her book with regard to stars, constellations, and mythology, she shared secrets of publishing which captured their attention-especially of the division 3 students. We highly recommend this author to your school or classroom.

                                                                                         Ecole Meridian Heights School

Joan Galat held everyone’s attention for a full hour, changing the topic, changing the pace, and involving the students. Dot to Dot in the Sky  keeps appearing during independent reading times. Students are really interested in the stars and the stories.

                                                                                            Norwood Elementary School


Joan is an quintessential speaker for a post-secondary audience. She has a natural eloquence, a gift with relevant anecdotes, and an impressive store of experience and knowledge to share. My class of second year professional writing students were intensely engaged from the start to the finish of her 45-minute talk; their only complaint was that the class ended too soon! They wanted to ask more questions.

The students - many of whom are uncertain about the directions they'll take in their own writing careers -  were especially impressed with Joan's sheer breadth of writing endeavors and her willingness to follow many different threads of opportunity; she rolls through disappointments and makes the most of successes.

Joan opened their eyes to possibilities that had never occured to them before, and showed the rewards that come from a consistently positive attitude and steady perseverance.  She really made a difference for my students, and I hope to have her as a regular guest speaker in the Professional Writers Program in the future.


Christina M. Grant, MA English

Instructor: MacEwan Professional Writing program,
MacEwan English BA program, and NAIT Liberal Arts program


Thank You for your inspirational and informative workshop on 'Public Speaking for Artists'.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and came away with many useful tips and tricks to help curb the jitters and feel more confident in front of a group. 

The exercises you incorporated 
into the session were a fun way to have us all do some improvisational work in a safe, yet public setting.  I highly recommend this course to other artists.

 Kim Blair