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Student Writing Workshops

What’s the Big Idea?

How do you help students write a story when they don't know how to begin? And once they start, how should they end the thing?

This workshop helps students think of ideas, overcome the first blocks to writing, and get thoughts organized. Students discover how to create an idea list, outline their choice, and get started with a powerful first sentence. The session begins with a fun creativity game that sets the mood for muse!

Write a Newspaper Article

Reporters get to ask all the nosy questions! In Write a Newspaper Article, students learn how to ask the best questions, write headlines, sequence information, and hook readers with news that interests their audience.

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to find out the answers to: Why isn't recess longer? How can students organize a ski trip? Who decides what will be on the hot lunch menu?

Write an Alphabet Book

A good alphabet book is more than just a list of letters and words. Elementary students explore the A to Z of following a theme to write an alphabet book, as we create a fun alphabet-based story together. Dictionaries and imaginations required.

Create a Myth

Ancient myths were first told to explain things people did not understand. Students discover how to use their own curiosity to write a story that makes sense of a mysterious occurence.

Kindergarten-Grade Two Storytelling Workshop

Oral storytelling is the first step to storywriting. This workshop explores the differences between stories that are true and those that are make-believe. Every student is invited to tell a personal memory and participate as the class makes up a story together.