Stories of the Zodiac

by Joan Marie Galat
lllustrated by Lorna Bennett                                                                                                   
Dot to Dot in the Sky,
Stories of the Zodiac
nominated for a

Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award

This Atlantic Canadian book award. Titles are chosen based on literary, cultural, and enjoyment factors.

Did you know you have your very own zodiac constellation? You can find it by discovering the Sun’s location on the day you were born. Learn how to easily jump between star groups to explore the zodiac stars and a myriad of celestial objects. Find out the difference between astronomy and astrology and how the zodiac has been used to create horoscopes to try to describe personalities and predict the future.

Look skyward and experience the stories ancient Greeks told about the gods, animals, and heroes in the sky! It’s fun to know the stories that originated long ago when people first gazed at the same star-studded patterns we see today. These ancient tales, once told to explain events and describe human emotions, are just as appealing in modern times.
Published by Whitecap Books
Color illustrations
Ages 8-12
Gold Moonbeam
Award Winner 
Dot to Dot in the Sky,
Stories of the Zodiac
 was a semi-finalist for the Calgary Public Library Foundation Literary Awards!