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Joan Marie Galat is the Alberta-based author of ten books, including the best selling and award winning Dot to Dot in the Sky series. These titles encompass sky science and storytelling, revealing astronomy facts as well as the myths and legends ancient cultures used to explain celestial mysteries.

With a background in biological sciences and ecology, Joan often writes on topics relating to natural history. A frequent presenter, a focal point in Joan’s career was attending an international book festival in Seoul—where she gave presentations highlighting the Korean translations of Dot to Dot in the Sky.
Published by Whitecap Books, Scholastic Books, Pelican Publishing Company, and others, Joan has also contributed more than 300 articles to newspapers and magazines.
She operates MoonDot Media, a communications business offering writing and editing solutions in broadcast, print, and multi-media. Joan edits a magazine and takes on freelance work that has included CBC Radio features, multi-media content, web writing, speech writing, exhibit text, consulting, educational projects, and much more.
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