A Native American Moon and Water Goddess.  We are sisters of the heart. 

From Navajo mythology:

Yoołgai asdząąn (white shell woman) can be considered a lunar deity associated with the seasons. She can be considered the sister of Changing Woman, but the two are also considered as one and the same. Her name comes from her creation; she was made from abalone.  She is associated with the ocean, the sunrise, fire, and maize (corn).
  • Asdząąn nádleehé (Changing woman) - Can be viewed as the sister of White Shell Woman, but also one and the same with White Shell Woman. Can be associated as a sky goddess who was very respected among the Navajo. She was a goddess of change, particularly the maturation of women. She endlessly grows from a young maiden to an adult woman to an old crone as the day and seasons cyclically progress without dying. She helped in creating humans and now rules over the powers of creation, given in the Underworld to First Man and First Woman, who in turn passed them on to Changing Woman for the maintenance of this world. She was raised by First Man and First woman after they saw a black cloud on a mountain for four days, and upon investigating it discovered the infant Changing woman, who grew from infant to an adult woman in eighteen days. Later she gave birth to the Twin warrior gods who slew the monsters who were killing the Dine. After departing to live in her home towards the western ocean she increased the number of humans by creating more people out of small pieces of her skin because she was lonely and wanted companions.

 White Shell (or White Bead) Woman, also called Turquoise Woman and Abalone Woman, is sometimes said to be a younger version of Changing Woman. White is the color of dawn and of the east.  White Shell Woman, the creator and sustainer of life, created the Navajo people and sent them their home. As gifts, she gave them shells, which became corn and other food-bearing plants; she gave them the animals; she gave them the gifts of rain and beautiful flowers. With the sun, she is the mother of Killer-of-Enemies and Child-of-the-Water, the dual protectors of the people from their enemies.

A Navajo chant says "All things around me are restored in beauty." It is because of White Shell Woman that this is so, and it is because of her teachings that we can experience the exquisite harmony that comes from being alive on this beautiful earth. 

"Changing Woman is immortal. She incarnates the cycles of Navajo Life, the rhythm of everyday life, the seasons and the stages of life. Wearing a dress richly detailed with white shells, she is the youthful White Shell Woman of dawn. She is also the mature Turquoise Woman, and later, the matronly Abalone Woman. Finally, Changing Woman becomes the matriarch of winter, Black Jet Woman."

  • Changing Woman symbolizing balance and benevolent power is also independent.  When the Sun, Changing Woman's husband, asks her to move to a special house in the West with him (so she can be with him at night), Changing Woman asks for her own special house in the West. When the Sun questions her request, she replies:

    "I will tell you why," she said to him.
    "You are male and I am female.
    "You are of sky and I am of earth.
    "You are constant in your brightness, but I must change with the seasons.
    "You move constantly at the edge of heaven, while I must be fixed in one place...
    "Remember, as different as we are, you and I, we are of one spirit.
    "As dissimilar as we are, you and I, we are of equal worth...
    "Unlike each other as you and I are, there can be no harmony in the universe as long as there is no harmony between us."