Robot Design

The Robot Design can be separated into the following aspects:
  • Chassis (to move the robot reliably, including over crater and ridge walls)
  • Attachments (sensors for navigation, and a motorized arm for picking up loops)
  • Camera (for taking video and photos)
  • Navigation (to find its way around the simulated lunar landscape)
Phase II Final Robot Design

The robot design evolved through many versions, but finally ended on a chassis design with two pairs of overlapping treads.  This allows the robot to climb over the steep crater walls without getting stuck.  The attachments include a Compass sensor and ultrasonic distance sensor, used together for accurate navigation, a wireless video camera, and a simple motorized hook device for picking up the ice and Helium 3 loops.

Phase I Robot Design Ideas and Proposals

See the pages linked below for details on our ideas for different parts of the robot design.

Robot Chassis
We are exploring different kinds of robot chassis designs. Here are some of our ideas and prototypes...