88**17th May 2011 : Vesākha Day activities



อัปโหลดโดย เมื่อ 28 พ.ค. 2011   พิธีฉลองพระบรมสารีริกธาตุ ครั้งที่7 ปี2554  ณ วัดสังฆทาน ใกล้สะพานพระราม5 

Wat Sanghathan will hold a special Procession of Sacred Buddha Relics that we received from Mihindale and Mihindu Temples, Sri Lanka in 2005, as well as of Holy Arahant Relics,

from the Nonthaburi Riverfront (Ta Nam Non) to Wat Sanghathan on Sunday, 15th May 2011.  The Procession Ceremonies will commence from the riverfront at 3:40 P.M.

with the Reinstallation of the Relics to take place in our Uposatha Hall starting at about 6:00 P.M. 


On Tuesday, 17th May 2011, the Sri Lankan Delegation is invited to participate in all or our Vesākha Day activities, including the offering of the meal Sanghadāna, listening to the Dhamma talk of Luang Phor Sanong Katapuñño in our beautiful ‘Laan Thamm’ or Dhamma Courtyard, participating in our Candlelight Peace Ceremony and practicing all-night meditation in our Laan Thamm.

Dhitinard Dhammaj,
Apr 10, 2012, 8:51 AM