DJI & Arducopter Traditional Heli News

20/08/12 : Added a few pages and video for the DJI wookong system WKH.
30/06/12 : Added new video, first successful loiter yesterday. Will be tuning this code to get a better hold.
28/06/12 : Started to update the manual for the latest mission planner and code 2.6
27/02/12 : New video posted on vid page, low resolution. running code 2.4.1. Updated the power options page. Updated Manual. Updated Arduino IDE help file.
23/02/12 : Have started testing again loaded code 2.4, stil using GY401 on the tail. Video coming soon!!
01/12/11 : As winter is here i will be putting the heli on hold until the weather gets warmer :)
31/09/11 : Finally finished building the Helicopter, testing again
13/09/11 : New Power Options Page, copied from wiki
06/09/11 : After nearly crashing because i ran the main power battery down, i'm going to Build the Petrol Helicopter (not Nitro, too much smoke)
05/09/11 : Quad Crash! in quad video section
03/09/11 : New video posted 1.0.40 code Loiter test - manual throttle
03/09/11 : Loaded Jason's alpha code 1.0.40 The Loiter works, a few slight adjustments and i think we are there.
03/09/11 : Loaded a new Video. Mike flying 3D from last weekend.
02/09/11 : A new version is out 2.0.40 and this may well be an answer to the Loiter problems i have been having. will test over the weekend
30/08/11 : Problems with Loiter Mode - more testing needed. Going to change firmware tonight to 2.0.39
26/08/11 : Have moved the gps even further back on to the Fin.
25/08/11 : New Video Posted in Video section
25/08/11 : Testing tonight will post when i get back
25/08/11 : Written a quick manual for setting up ACM with Arduino22
24/08/11:  New Flybarless Head Fitted
Flybarless Head
Flybarless Head Close

24/08/11 : Manual Has its own page
24/08/11 : Videos have been moved to a separate page
23/08/11 : have moved the GPS to the tail stabiliser
GPS mounting

21/08/11 : Tested Alt_hold again Version 2.0.38 The video is above.
20/08/11 : Tested stabilise with alt_hold version 2.0.38 Worked really well. slight oscillation will need to tune the PID, you can see the grpah logs above

18/08/11 : As of 2.0.38, the flight control has been changed by Randy, so now i am going to try and fly without the flybar, you can see me fly on the video that it really is stable.
I am still having tail troubles but that will be solved over this weekend.

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