Something to crash hung apps so they trigger the default error handling (in the case of Moz, talkback).  Usage: Grab something like Process Explorer to identify the process id and thread id.  (You probably want the thread eating up all of your CPU.)  Then invoke crash2.exe with them as parameters:

crash2 <process id><thread id><process id><thread id>

Download: Source / Pre-built binary (linked w/ MSVC7.1, static).


And... updated version to try to find the right app to kill. Usage: as above, or give no parameters to attempt to automatically detect the right thread to crash.

Download: Source (Makefile for MSVC) / Pre-built binary (linked w/ MSVC7.1, static).

File docs

Trying to write some documentation I can read for the File object that can be used in SpiderMonkey.

Internet Explorer 7 (Sort of)

A graphical representation of my attempts at getting IE7 to work side-by-side with IE6. Well, okay, just the rendering engine. Seems to work (screen shot is of the difference in the doubled margin bug being fixed). I haven't spent time to get it down to the minimal set of files required yet...