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Error 372 - Update Skype

posted 15 Sep 2010, 14:01 by Niels Avonds
Dear users,

I have received a lot of notifications lately of crashes with error 372. I have updated the plugin after compiling it with the latest version of Skype. This update seems to have broken compatibility with older Skype versions. I apologize for the inconvenience. However, since I'm not actively developing the plugin anymore, I will probably not fix this (I may add a message to notify users that they should update their Skype). I recommend all users to upgrade to the latest Skype version.

If you are using the latest Skype version, but are still receiving this error, please add "Using latest Skype" to the extra information box.

Thanks and very sorry for the problems,
With best regards,
Niels Avonds

If you are using an old Skype version and cannot upgrade for some reason, please contact me and I will send you and old version of the plugin.