Moodsongs no longer supported

posted 20 Sep 2011, 04:37 by Niels Avonds

Dear users,

Ever since Skype shut down its developer program, it has become increasingly hard to continue supporting Moodsongs. Since recent changes to the Skype website removed the Extras section and changes to Skype itself removed the Extras Manager, it has become impossible to install Moodsongs. Therefore, support and development for Moodsongs will be suspended.

Thanks to all users for using Moodsongs or any previous version of the program,
With best regards,

Error 372 - Update Skype

posted 15 Sep 2010, 14:01 by Niels Avonds

Dear users,

I have received a lot of notifications lately of crashes with error 372. I have updated the plugin after compiling it with the latest version of Skype. This update seems to have broken compatibility with older Skype versions. I apologize for the inconvenience. However, since I'm not actively developing the plugin anymore, I will probably not fix this (I may add a message to notify users that they should update their Skype). I recommend all users to upgrade to the latest Skype version.

If you are using the latest Skype version, but are still receiving this error, please add "Using latest Skype" to the extra information box.

Thanks and very sorry for the problems,
With best regards,
Niels Avonds

If you are using an old Skype version and cannot upgrade for some reason, please contact me and I will send you and old version of the plugin.

Skype stops supporting new Extras - Moodsongs will remain

posted 21 Sep 2009, 12:42 by Niels Avonds

A few weeks ago, Skype has decided to stop allowing developers to upload Skype Extras. However, the current version of the plugin will remain on the website and in the Extras Manager. This also implies that, unless Skype opens a new developer program, all future version will have to come through the automatic updates function. This means that the updater will continue to support version 1.0.161 since this is the one updated on the Skype website. New users, head over there to get your copy (you can find a link on the main page). Old users, stay tuned for automatic updates!

Moodsongs available from the Skype website

posted 13 Aug 2009, 03:49 by Niels Avonds   [ updated 13 Aug 2009, 03:52 ]

Moodsongs is now available in the Skype Extras gallery. The link to this gallery is . All users who have downloaded Moodsongs from this website previously are recommended to download it through Skype for an optimal functionality of the plugin.

New forum released

posted 22 Jul 2009, 11:27 by Niels Avonds

A brand new forum has been created to report bugs, give me suggestions, ask for support or just talk with other users about the plugin. Make sure you check it out and register (it's quick and without confirmation email) at!

Windows 7 compatible - complete

posted 20 Jul 2009, 07:26 by Niels Avonds

After some extra tests on Windows 7 and some tweaks on how the plugin starts under this Operating System, it is now fully compatible with Windows 7. I will probably upload the plugin today to the Skype Extras Gallery so it will be available in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to your reactions.

Website updated and ready for release

posted 16 Jul 2009, 03:08 by Niels Avonds   [ updated 16 Jul 2009, 03:42 ]

The website has been updated to make Moodsongs ready for the release on the Skype website. The updating feature will be tested again in the next couple of days to make sure it works. An error in this procedure might make updating (and thus fixing the bug) impossible. Afterwards the plugin will be uploaded to the Skype Extras gallery. It might take a few weeks before it actually appears in the gallery.

Windows 7 compatible - getting closer!

posted 22 Jun 2009, 15:08 by Niels Avonds

As the first tests on Windows 7 come to a conclusion, the results are looking pretty good. With User Account Control at the highest level, the plugin succesfully communicates with Skype and Skype Extras Manager. However, after creating a shortcut and running the plugin from this shortcut, it failed to establish the connection. The next update will probably take out the option to make a shortcut for Windows 7, to force users to launch the plugin from within the Skype Extras Manager. The reason for the failure is probably the difference in how the two programs run: Skype will cause UAC to prompt and ask the user to grant authorization, while Moodsongs won't. This causes Skype to run on a sort of 'admin' level, while Moodsongs runs rather on a 'guest' level, when started using the shortcut. This causes the communication between the two to fail. If, however, moodsongs is started from within Skype, it will run at the same level as Skype and the communication seems succesful.

These problems are very small comparing to the ones encountered after Vista came out. The UAC in Vista was still causing trouble until Moodsongs first came out, combining the three older plugins.

Further tests will be done with UAC on lower levels to make sure the plugin works on any UAC level. 

New version available

posted 16 Jun 2009, 12:12 by Niels Avonds

There seems to have been a problem with the previous upon first startup. This should be fixed in the current version that has been uploaded. Sorry for the problems. Please note that any of the Bèta versions might contain serious bugs. If you find any problems with the Bèta version, please report this bug (see contact section).

Welcome to the new website

posted 14 Jun 2009, 07:24 by Niels Avonds   [ updated 14 Jun 2009, 07:25 ]

As you have probably noticed, the new website is now online. Please make sure you update your bookmarks or any other links that direct here!

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