TxDLA 2010

Title: Moodle Mayhem: Expanding Learning Opportunities in Urban School Districts

Session Facilitators
(in alpha order)
  • Diana Benner, Technology Integration Facilitator, Instructional Technology & Learning Services, SAISD
  • Miguel Guhlin, Director, Instructional Technology Services, San Antonio ISD
  • Patricia Holub, Executive Director, Technology & Integration, San Antonio ISD
  • Tonya Mills, Technology Integration Coordinator, San Antonio ISD
  • Molly Valdez, Virtual Learning Coordinator, San Antonio ISD
Establishing online learning opportunities for K-12, as well as adult learners, can be tough. Learn how the San Antonio ISD has built up the infrastructure, the human capital, and get some practical tips on Moodle administration, implementation and more. In this Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) session, participants will get a chance to try working with Moodle on their own via the Conference network.

“It is a truism that we cannot know what the task is until we know what the tools are." While many school districts are hoping to jump into online professional learning, it is critical to remember that there are many tools available. Which do you choose, how do you decide which is the right one for your implementation, and how do you bring all those components together to create a working virtual learning community? These are some of the challenges the San Antonio ISD has been working through. By sharing this hard-earned wisdom with other districts, we hope to spare other districts the trouble and time.
Primary objectives for this session include: 1) Mapping out your Moodle installation, including server requirements and an installation of Moodle. 2) How to design and facilitate online courses 3) Become aware of online resources for using Moodle in a K-12 school district. 

Participants will also be invited to participate in an online learning community for Moodle K-12 educators to continue the discussion online at http://intouch.saisd.net/learn

Outcomes for the session include:
  1. Improved understanding of how to plan and manage your online learning implementation. 
  2. Improved awareness of the responsibilities and expectations for a Moodle installation. 
  3. Improved awareness of the location of appropriate resources.

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