Backing Up Your MySQL Database with SQLYog


After you have installed Moodle successfully, you can use SQLYog to quickly backup your Moodle database. Here’s how:

1) Log in to your system by going to SQLYog, entering the appropriate admin/password and type in the name of your Moodle database (e.g. “Moodle” without quotes).

2) Right-click on the Moodle database and select BACKUP DATABASE AS A SQL DUMP

3) Choose “Moodle” from the left side (that’s the database container holding all your moodle related tables and data), then BROWSE to where you are going to save the file and give it a filename, as shown below:

4) In the case that your database is lost, or you are restoring from backup to a new server, you’ll see your Moodle database is missing.