Welcome to Moodle Mayhem, the central repository for anything regarding the use of Moodle in K-16 teaching and learning virtual spaces. On this page, you'll find some ideas on the organization of this wiki.

  • Make the sharing of Moodle related conversations easier.
  • Facilitate share of videos and tutorials for Moodle as simple as joining the conversation.
  • Build a community of Moodle enthusiasts in Texas.

Component #1 - Community of Learners wiki
As you can see from the drawing above,  I imagine a Community of Learners--that are also a part of the email list--sharing their Moodle courses, themes, and other nifty stuff. One of the ideas that concerned me is that even though I might be a part of the list, I had to find my own way to share Moodle courses. That's why I'm hoping a wiki might offer email list members the opportunity to share their course content. I did hit a bit of a roadblock in this since I had hoped that my 87 gigs of GoogleSpace would be usable for that space, expanding my Sites account to more than the allowed 100 megs. Unfortunately, that is "in the works" for Google Sites but not yet available (per a Google staffer on the Google Certified Teacher email list).

Nevertheless, I think it's pretty awesome to have folks who are chatting and sharing about Moodle issues to have a wiki they can fully edit and add content to under Creative Commons ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution license.

Component #2 - Community of Problem-Solvers Email Group
I've already shared the rationale for the email group for Moodle, but it doesn't hurt to re-visit it again. It's a way for folks who are learning Moodle--my original concept was for Texas Moodlers, but why limit people?--to join together and share how they are using it. Sure, it IS one more listserv to be a part of but I recognize the value others place on having content arrive in their inbox rather than in GoogleReader. Kind of funny, isn't it? I imagined Reader as the end-all place to access content, but RSS feeds and social networking have all but cut it out as the place to access content shared.

Component #3 - Knowledge Management
There are probably a million web sites that do this for Moodle--including itself--but none that have a particular focus that attracts me as an educator. As such, I'm interested in creating a one-stop shopping location for information about Moodle in education that is community-driven. Again, nothing original in this idea but I believe that the combination of the components will be helpful.