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2010 Resources:

Tomaz Lasic (
read his blog, Human) has put together a list of wonderful links where you can learn about Moodle. 

Here's the list:

Moodle on social networking sites

Yes, Moodle is a popular theme in this hyper-connected world. Here are just some of the ways you can connect with fellow moodlers.


WeFollow (live, large list of moodlers on Twitter, feel free to join!)
Moodle - (live, active search for mentions of Moodle)
#Moodle - (live, active search for mentions of #Moodle) 

Feel free to follow @edumoodle (Twitter account for this very course) to receive updates, recipes, new items, upcoming events, interesting case studies and more.




Moodlers Online 
Moodle VLE at Classroom 2.0

Useful blogs and sites about Moodle in education

Moodle Monthly (edited by Joseph Thibault; a great and frequently updated source of stories and links for moodlers new and old)

Around the Corner - 'Moodle' tag (Miguel Guhlin; an awesome repository of Moodle tips from one of the Moodle Masters from Texas)

Moodle Helen (Helen Foster; best source for 'hot off the press' items relating to Moodle and its community)

The Moodleman Blog (Julian Ridded; once called 'the human Moodle Google' - see why he is one the world's best Moodle users, speakers, trainers... and friendliest too!) - (Mel Benson; a passionate moodler and regular poster on things Moodle)

Moodleblog - (Mary Cooch; author of Moodle for 7 to 14 Year Olds, teacher and tireless Moodle evangelist and one of the kindest people you are likely to bump into)

Elevated Formation - 'Moodle' tag (Ryan Chadwick; his creative Moodle ideas, all explained, are simply brilliant. Guess who we will be asking to write a recipe or two for our community cookbook wink )

Join the dots - (Mark Drechsler; hear some brilliant ideas from one of the most prominent and active Moodle Partners)

Human - 'Moodle' tag (Tomaz Lasic; ahm, excuse blatant self promotion but many people find these scribbles useful. The home of 2 Minute Moodles too)