Welcome to the Moodle Mayhem wiki, a site dedicated to sharing what is going on with Moodle in K-12.

Wondering why focus on a wiki solution when Moodle has it all? Well, Moodles are, by their design, closed environments. It is hoped that combining the ease of use of a wiki with Moodle resources sharing and an email list, we will all be able to build on this project.

Please don't hesitate to share your ideas about Moodle use in K-16 educational settings, as well as business, here. 

Remember, you can always get back here quickly using the link shown above or below:

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  • Podcast - Book Review - Moodle 1.9 Theme Design  "Could you design a new Moodle theme for me?" I asked plaintively of Tonya Mills (email: tmills0220@yahoo.com), a colleague who is an expert at Cascading Style Sheets and ...
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  • Podcast #3 Part 1 - Julian Ridden      Download (Get) MP3 Audio FileAlternate download link
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  • Podcast #2 - Mary Cooch   Listen to classroom teacher and professional learning guru, not to mention author of Moodle 1.9: Teaching 7 -14 Year Olds, Mary "MoodleFairy" Cooch share her wisdom regarding Moodle use ...
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  • Podcast #1 - About Moodle Mayhem      
    Posted Mar 27, 2010, 7:58 PM by Miguel Guhlin
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