Session Description:
A CentOS 5.6 Server Install Fest - ie, BYOLB - Build Your Own Linux Box.
OS + Webmin + Moodle + config and scripts. Limit of 10 participants.  Participants bring their own Linux compatible server (with Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse + net cable) for development or production.  Installation will
be done over the network.  Server participants bring (model/specs) to be Red Hat
certified.  Please see for compatibility guide (use the link for version 5)

In addition, participants should bring a laptop (Mac or PC / wireless/wired) which has DVD burner for remote admin of their own server and burning their own DVD install disc. 
(blank disc provided, ISO files provided).

Expectations for Participants:
  1. Bring a computer that can be used as a server.
  2. Bring a laptop computer that will be used to connect to the server.
  3. One computer should have DVD burner on it.