Welcome to the Moodle Capstone Project Workspace

This page serves as our main hub for the Kennesaw State University IT4983 Moodle Capstone project, for Fall 2016. 
Project timelines, milestones, dates, and deliverables can be found on this site. 
For more information please contact the project lead. 

Project at a Glance:

The Training department is researching compliments to Desire2Learn regarding the education of new staff. A current list of problems can be found below. 
  • Time restriction for user access into system.
  • Limited mobility and accessibility of training system.
  • Limited administrative access into system.
  • Lack of efficient assignment tracking. 
  • Limited budget.

Project Objectives

We have developed the following objectives based on our client's needs. These objectives are being refined as communication with client progresses. 
  • Present a working proof of concept of Moodle. 
  • Present a completed research report comparing Moodle and Desire2Learn.
  • Present a manual of capable migration to and from multiple environments.
  • Present all documentation related to project.


1.     Research report on comparison of D2L and Moodle on the required features

2.     Working demo system with required content and functionalities

3.     Documentation of system implementation/customization

4.     Manual of migration

5.     Client needs/requirements document