MOOCshop 2013

The first moocshop surveyed the rapidly expanding ecosystem of Massive Open Online Courses. Participants were included in a cross-institutional and cross-platform dialogue in order to articulate and synthesize the plurality of challenges that arise when evaluating and designing MOOCs. While the forms and functions of MOOCs are currently evolving, we aimed to develop a shared foundation for an interdisciplinary field of inquiry moving forward. 

We invited researchers, technologists, and course designers from universities and industry to share their approaches and perspectives on key topics, including analytics and data mining, assessment, credentialing, pedagogy, platform design, data standards, and privacy.  

Date: July 9th @ the Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference in Memphis, Tennessee (AIED Workshop Schedule)

Location: Methodist Presentation Theater, FedEx Institute of Technology (Conference Website)

This workshop day directly follows the Educational Data Mining Conference, co-located with AIED.

Invited Speakers: Chuong Do (Coursera), Piotr Mitros (edX)

Program - (July 9th)

Authors of accepted short papers had 20 minutes to present and authors of accepted abstracts had 13 minutes to present (both times included a question session).

Breakfast: 8am-9am (conference provided)

First session 9:00-10.35am - Position / Overview
    - Introductions - 10m
        Zach & Emily
        Shreeharsh Kelkar
        Emily Schneider
        Betsy Williams
        Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Zachary Pardos, Una-May O'Reilly, Franck Dernoncourt and Colin Taylor
    - Session discussion period - 10m

Morning break (coffee) 10:35-11am

Invited Talk 11:00-11:25
        Piotr Mitros   

Second session 11:25-12:45pm - Assessment
        Sarah Schultz and Trenton Tabor
        Mohammad H. Falakmasir, Kevin D. Ashley and Christian D. Schunn
        Jonathan Huang, Chris Piech, Andy Nguyen and Leonidas Guibas
    - Session discussion period - 10m

Lunch! 12:45-2:15pm

Third session 2:15-3:15pm - Interventions
    - Improving learning in MOOCs with Cognitive Science - 20m [ slides ]
        Joseph Jay Williams
        Joseph Jay Williams, Dave Paunesku, Benjamin Haley and Jascha Sohl-Dickstein
        Eliana Feasley, Chris Klaiber, James Irwin, Jace Kohlmeier and Jascha Sohl-Dickstein
    - Session discussion period - 10m

Afternoon break (coffee) 3:15-4:00pm

Invited Talk 4:00-4:25
        Chuong (Tom) Do

Fourth session 4:25-6:00pm - Engagement
    - Analysis of video use in edX courses - 13m [ slides ]
        Daniel T. Seaton, Albert J. Rodenius, Cody A. Coleman, David E. Pritchard and Isaac Chuang
        Yuan Wang
        Haohan Wang, Yiwei Li, Xiaobo Hu, Yucong Yang, Zhu Meng and Kai-Min Chang
        Rene Kizilcec
    - Session discussion period - 10m
    - moocshop wrap-up - 15m
        Emily & Zach

Topic Areas
    • analytics and data mining
    • pedagogy
    • platform design
      • course features
      • instructor-facing features
        • authoring tools
        • dashboards
    • privacy
    • evaluation of efficacy
    • accreditation / credentialing / certification
    • modalities of use  (present / future)
    • assessment
    • personalization
    • student models
    • data standards

    Submission Types

    We provide two submission types in order to maximize participation opportunities and create a discussion that is as timely as possible.  

    Short Paper (3-6 pages):
    Short papers should present work with at least 30% novel, unpublished content. Authors with this type of submission will receive feedback on their submission.

    Abstract/Title: For early stage or work in progress.

    We will publish accepted papers and abstracts in a Workshop Proceedings, and with authors’ permission, presentation materials. This proceedings will also include a summary of the workshop and will be published online.

    Submission Instructions

    Submit your short paper or title/abstract through our moocshop EasyChair site:

    Authors should use the AIED main proceedings Springer paper templates: Word, LaTeX

    Submission Deadline: April 22 (**deadline extended to April 29th at 11:59 Hawaii Time)
    Camera-Ready Deadline: June 4th

    Organizer Contact
    Zach Pardos (pardos at mit dot edu)
    Emily Schneider (elfs at cs dot stanford dot edu)

    Program Committee

    Ryan Baker - Columbia Teacher's College
    Amy Collier - Stanford University
    Chuong Do - Coursera
    Neil Heffernan - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Jack Mostow - Carnegie Mellon University
    Una-May O'Reilly - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Zach Pardos - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    David Pritchard - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Emily Schneider - Stanford University
    George Siemens - Athabasca University
    John Stamper - Carnegie Mellon University
    Kalyan Veeramachaneni - Massachusetts Institute of Technology