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Learn from others

Why you should share your ideas, but no "listen" to advice.

Guy Kawasaki warns you about the Bozos that wil get you down. Bozos are people you look up to, like experienced CEOs, investors, consultants and actually anybody with an opinion on your business. When your business just starts out, your business idea is based on a number of assumptions, that you still need to check. The opinion of Bozos regarding the quality of your business is based on even more unchecked assumptions. Maybe I am one of those Bozo's. When you ask me what I think of your business, I might like it (or not) but that is usually based on my personal preferences. For the rest, my opinion is of no value to you. I can ask questions to challenge your assumptions, that will help you to get ahead, but it is useless to give you my opinions so we can have a contest on our opinions or something.

Why your idea probably already exist, and why that is a good thing.

The same goes for Bozos that claim that "your idea already exists". What do they mean? That a business like yours already exists? Or that someone created a service or product like yours? So what? Is the problem you'r addressing already solved? Are your customer satisfied? Or do still you see an opportunity to add value?

The chance that you are unique in your business idea is 0%. If your are absolutely unique, you need to be worried. When you have no competition, you probable have no market either. So check out all your predecessors, competitors and alternatives. Learn from them. See what they did right and were they might have gone wrong. Build your succes on the shoulders of giants