Validation Board

When you do your research, you start out with a hypothesis about your customers and their problem(s). Then you talk to people (Lean Startup). A good way to keep track of your research and the way your finding influence your hypothesis is to make use of the Validation Board by On this board you start out with your first hypohesis, you list your major assumptions and you determane your research strategy to validate your assumptions. In the proces of validation, your hypothesises on customer, problem and solution will be adjusted. As soon as this happens, we call it a pivot. When you keep track of your pivots, it is easy to illustrate your learning experience and convince others about the validity of your value proposition.

Tutorial Validation Board

Validation BoardProject Name:Author:
Track PivotsStartFirst PivotSecond PivotThird PivotFourth PivotFifth Pivot
Tip: do not define solution hypothesis in first round on valudition
Design Experiment
Most Critical Assumption(s):
Assumptions Not Valid:Assumptions Valid:
Core Assumptions:
Research stategy:3:4:3:4:
Minimal acceptable outcome:5:6:5:6:
Source: Template by StudentsInc (2017)