Economics for Emerging Markets (60 min)

Entrepreneurship can only thrive when there are consumers (or customers) with buying power. When there are no consumer with buying power we can say there is no economy. For entrepreneurs who seek to create maximum impact in rural areas some basic understanding of economics and economic development is essential. On this page I will share some insights and examples to help you understand how to "improve" economics in your business environment.

Great statistics on world wide economic development

Hans Rösling makes UN statistics more accessible using animated graphics. The live statistics are accessible on try them out!

Relation between birthrate and life expectancy

Relation between income and life expectancy

BIG Project Namibia

In an effort to create "economy" in a very poor and remote region in Namibia, the BIG Coalition granted a fixed income to every individual in a certain region. The effects are detailed in: and they provide food for thought on opportinities to develop rural economies.

Waves of Economic development

Economies develop in "Waves", the first economic wave is extraction driven wave; forestry  hunting, agriculture, mining etc. The second wave is efficiency driven wave8; mechanisation, industrialisation etc. The third wave is the information driven wave; services, information technology etc. When you know were you are wave wise you can know which direction economic development will take and you can anticipate om that. Below a presentation that explains the waves and what may be expected'.

The basics of rural economics

Below an interesting explanation on how economies grow and decline by Irwin A. Schiff. It's a bit long but the first part is most relevant. If you watch the first 30 min you get the idea and if you want to know more, you can watch the rest. Mr. Schiff has kindly released his copyrighted materials to the public. If you want to read the boor yourself, you will find a scan in the annex below.