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Repository of MOOC modules 

This site holds "modules" of standard teaching material on Entrepreneurship, Market Strategy and Finance which are used in "Flipped Courses" at Hogeschool Utrecht (example course).

The courses in Utrecht are characterized by a demand-oriented approach. Traditionally, entrepreneurship education is more solution-oriented, whereby it is assumed that a good product idea leads to a good product that just needs to be marketed. In these MOOC modules, the emphasis lies on demand articulation and therefore on customers, customer demand and the customer value proposition. When the customer demand and the context of that demand is clear, it is easier to formulate a fitting solution.

We do hope you enjoy the material. They are free for everyone to use. When you redistribute these materials, make sure you mention the author. The materials can't be used commercially without written permission. Please feel free to give feedback or suggest additions to the materials.

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The main theoretical frameworks being used in the modules are:

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