You've reached the Monash University Underwater Club's web site. Here you will find information about joining the club, as well as details on diving in Victoria and beyond. The club is all about being underwater, with most of the club being involved with SCUBA diving, Underwater Hockey and Marine Conservation Volunteering opportunities

Upcoming Event

Find Marine Pests Talk 

We are divers, we love seeing the beautiful environment and creatrues underwater. However, do you know what are Marine Pests? How do they affect the eco system in the sea?

Introduced marine pests are marine plants or animals that are not native to Australia but have been introduced by human activities such as shipping. They have the potential to significantly impact our marine industries and our environment. Australia has over 250 introduced marine species. Fortunately most remain relatively harmless but some, such as the northern Pacific seastar, have become aggressive pests.

Tamara Vekich, Environment Communications Officer – Marine from Parks Victoria is invited to present the priorities in marine management and the impact of marine pests.

Date: 13 September, 2018 (Thu)
Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Venue: Seminar Room, Monash Sport Clayton
Free Event for Members, $5 for Non-Members
Refreshment is provided.  

Past Events

Cave Diving Talk  
Have you ever heard about cave diving? An extreme sport to explore the mysterious water-filled caves. Steve, fever cave diver shared his interesting experience in cave diving, what equipment and skills you need to be a certified cave diver. The video of the talk will be provided soon. Stay tuned!

Diver Speaks

I remember running to the ATM to get cash to pay for the membership on O-Week. I couldn’t believe Melbourne had scuba diving, let alone that Monash University would have a diving club. Although, I must admit that it took me around 3 months to gather the courage to show up at the locker as I was a beginner that only got to dive once or twice a year.

On my first dive in Rye Pier, it’s safe to say that I was a complete mess; I didn’t have enough weight, my wet suit was too small (I looked like a penguin), and I lost a fin. Despite all of that, my dive buddy (who was also the organizer of that trip), didn’t care to miss the dive to help me out. Turns out that day, I not only learned to be more careful with my gear, but I also met one of my best friends. It is amazing to get to know people who are just as passionate and even crazy about the ocean. 

We began diving more often and, as I started to get more comfortable, I was able to pay more attention to the marine life. As it is cold water diving, you get to encounter very unique and different fauna. In the shore dives we got to see heaps of spider crabs, bright coloured sponges, nudie branches, giant stingrays, seahorses, octopuses (or octopi if you wish) but I think my favourites were: the pufferfish, the banjo sharks, and the endemic seadragons.

For the boat dives with MASC (sister organization), I got to do my first drift dive which was incredible! I felt like I was watching a play that was constantly changing scenery. On the other hand, I think that words will never do justice to the annual Wilson’s Prom trip. Combine the fact that it is a national park with it not being dived very often as it’s quite an “experience” to launch boats from the beach, and you get pristine diving sites. We got to dive in kelp forests, sponge gardens, and boulders that had amazing swim through (take a torch). We played with seals,  saw soft-bright coloured corals; the amount of diversity was incredible.

If I could summarize my year with MONUC, it would be surreal diving and amazing people.

From the heart, thank you guys for making me feel so at home and you will always be welcomed in Mexico!


- Olga - 

Sea Slug Counting!!!!

Hello passionate divers!

We joined the nudibranchs counting in Port Philip on Sunday, the 22nd of April 2018 to partake in the very first Melbourne Sea Slug Census in collaboration with Reefwatch and Southern Cross University!

Also known as nudibranchs, they often appear as extremely colorful snails that have seemingly misplaced their shells! They are excellent indicators of environmental change because they have rapid life-cycles and very specific food requirements that respond to changing oceanographic conditions. The information gathered were submitted on the 29th of April to help marine scientists updated the database on the species diversity and distribution for Victoria.

We did two dives in two different locations. The first one was in Mornington Pier and the second one was in Blairgowrie Pier. Even though we only had a chance to see one, but we loved the event because we had a chance to meet and greet with fellow divers in Victoria. 


More information can be found here:

See you in the next census!!

MASC Day 2018

Its our favourite day on the diving calendar organised together by MONUC and MASC in Rye Pier 24 March 2018. a full day of shore and boat diving combine with a beach clean-up and a bbq. We saw few rays, sea horses, octopus, and the happy puffer fishes. Even though the weather is a bit challenging, everyone got the chance for a couple of shore and boat dives. Heaps of fun and lovely photos. 

Scuba Diving
We dive anywhere and everywhere, whether it be the tangled wrecks of the shipwreck coast, the waving rocky kelp of Phillip Island, the colourful sponge gardens of Port Phillip Bay or even the tropical reefs of Queensland! And since you can't spend all day in the water, there's a lot of time leftover for socialising, telling stories about "that huge shark/cray/wreck" and generally having a great old time.

Marine Conservation
Marine conservation is our value and principle that bring us together as fellow divers. We love the sea and its marine life, and this is the reason why we want to explore the underwater environment. We do underwater clean up, help out other marine organisations to do fish counting, do documentary screening, and hold mangrove replanting session.

Underwater Hockey
Underwater Hockey Underwater Hockey is a component of the Underwater Club that offers a competitive angle to the Club’s activities. Playing Underwater Hockey does not require diving experience or a qualification. The game is simple, just like any other ball sport that has a goal, however the underwater aspect of the game requires greater timing and anticipation skills.