Burrell E. Montz

Department of Geography, Planning & Environment
Brewster A-228
East Carolina University

Research Areas:

Natural Hazards
  • Weather & Society
  • Policy
  • Vulnerability
  • Response & Mitigation
Water Resources Management
  • Watershed Planning
  • Non-point Source Management
  • Demand Management
Environmental Analysis
  • Impact Assessment
  • Planning and Policy

Current Projects:
1. Social & Behavioral Influences on Weather-Driven Decisions

2. Assessment of NWS Flood forecast and Warning Tools
3. Understanding & Improving Public Response to NWS Coastal Flooding Forecasts
4. Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Product Contaminants in Fresh Water

GEOG 1250: The Water Planet
GEOG 3250: Environmental Hazards
GEOG 4999: Professional Seminar

GEOG 4250/6250: Environmental Impact Analysis

GEOG 4270/6270: Water Resources Management & Planning


B.A. Mary Washington College (mentor: Marshall Bowen)
M.S. Oklahoma State University (mentor: Richard Hecock)
Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder (mentor: Gilbert White)

I spent some time between graduate degrees as a planner and environmental consultant. After Colorado, I was on the faculty at Binghamton University where I was part of the Geography Department and the Environmental Studies Program. I have been fortunate in that my research has taken me to various places in the United States, as well as to New Zealand, Italy, and Slovenia. At ECU, I am particularly enjoying involvement in interdisciplinary projects, working with colleagues in a number of different departments. My students have been working on projects addressing the use of weather information by the emergency management community, the impacts of Superstorm Sandy on Long Island, and the potential impacts of climate change on urban water supplies.

Selected Publications:

Pace, W. and B.E. Montz. 2014. Category change and risk perception: Hurricane Irene and coastal North Carolina. Journal of Emergency Management. Forthcoming. 

Montz, B.E., K.J. Galluppi, J.L. Losego,and C.F. Smith. 2014. Winter weather decision-making: North Carolina school closings, 2010-2011.Meteorological Applications. DOI: 10.1002/met.1457.

Gares, C. and B.E. Montz. 2014. Disaster vulnerability of migrant and seasonal farmworkers: A comparison of Texas and North Carolina.Southeastern Geographer 54 (1): 36-54. 

Manda, A.K., J.L. Heath, W.A. Klein, M.T. Griffin, and B.E. Montz. 2014. Evolution of multi-well pad development and influence of well pads on environmental violations and wastewater volumes in the Marcellus shale (USA). Journal of Environmental Management 142: 36-45.

Griffin, M.T., B.E. Montz, and J.S. Arrigo. 2013. Evaluating climate
change induced water stress: A case study of the Lower Cape Fear basin, NC. Applied Geography 40: 115-128.

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Montz, B.E., T.R. Allen, and G.I. Monitz. 2011. Systemic trends in disaster vulnerability: migrant and seasonal farm workers in North Carolina. Risk, Hazard & Crisis in Public Policy 2(1): Article 5. http://www.psocommons.org/rhcpp/vol2/iss1/art5/ 

Montz, B.E. and G.A. Tobin. 2011. Natural hazards: an evolving tradition in applied geography. Applied Geography. 31: 1-4.