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Ever wanted to render a SVG file on OpenGL, OpenGL ES or MIDP Canvas, but couldnt since those can render triangles and your graphics are full of concave polygons? So did I!
That's why I wrote the SVGTriangulator. I know, ,I know. I've seen lots of libraries and math packages that do this, but no single, straightforward, simple tool to do just that. The algorithms behind it are plain idiotic (just a PITA to implement), but it works.

Of course, it is currently in a alpha stage, but its already functional. Its currently hosted at the BZK3 source tree, @googlecode, under "Tools". Its a CLI tool and its preferably distributed as source (but I've included a .jar inside the deploy dir).

Update: SVGTriangulator gave birth to libSVG, now part of the BZK3 project tree. It's primarily used for 2D rendering on the engine, but also for standalone tools like this.

Images (from the Swing prototype) say it all:


Used as a mesh inside OpenGL ES 1.x:

Requires Java, but any good operating system these days will have it.
BSD licensed.

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